Tuesday, 26 February 2013


Thanks to all of our generous family and friends we have been able to make some excellent contributions. Here is the list of donations made and why we think they are a good idea.

20 mosquito nets
There are currently 20 children at Jolly Mercy sleeping with either no net or a torn one. These will help prevent malaria, minimise the risk of malaria related disability and allow the children to spend more time in the classroom and less in the hospital.

Playground Upgrade
At present there are 2 working items of playground equipment at Jolly Mercy. When the children fall off they fall on to the rocks below and sometimes necessitate a trip to hospital. This donation will create a soft sand base for the play equipment to reduce injuries and a basic equipment upgrade (some used car tyres).

8 bunk beds
There are currently children sleeping on mattresses on the floor in the girls dorms. This means that they aren't able to use mosquito nets. This donation will get them off the floor and help prevent malaria. They are in need of 5 beds at the moment, but 8 will allow them to bring in an extra 6 children.

10 clocks
This is a super cheap but necessary one. The school is trying to teach the children to value time, but there is no way for them to tell what time it actually is. This is 1 clock per classroom.

Shuttering for boys' dorms
Jolly Mercy are currently working on a second boys dormitory. The dorm has no windows at the moment. This donation should make the dorm functional allowing for the introduction not news students and reduction of overcrowding in the existing dorm.

Latrine for Mariam
This will improve the hygiene of this family, their surrounding community and will provide income for local diggers, builder, brick maker, cement seller, timber seller, etc.

Loan for Margaret
A small business loan to allow Margaret to purchase shoes and handbags from Owe no market in Kampala to sell in her local community. When returned this loan will be a donation for CALM Africa.

Loan for Marian
A small business loan for Mariam in the form of 2 sacks of coal and 1 month rent at the local trading centre. This is close to home so would mean Mariam doesn't have to leave her disabled child home alone when she goes to work - as she does now. When returned this loan will be a donation for CALM Africa.

Loan for Mary
A small business loan in the form of charcoal and potatoes to allow Mary to expand her business. When returned this loan will be a donation for CALM Africa.

Loan for Ronald
A small business loan in the form of 1 pig and a sack of maize. This will be returned in the form of 3 piglets that will be distributed into other needy families to start their own piggeries.

Loan for Scovia
A small business loan in the form of 3 sacks of charcoal. When returned this loan will be a donation for CALM Africa.

It's never easy to hold the futures of people in your hands and make decisions based on money entrusted to you by others, but we're comfortable we have made the right choices and thanks to all of your generosity have been able to provide a lot of support that will effect a lot of people.

Thank you. :-)

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