Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Day 1.2 Musings

The stranglehold let the witch doctors have on Ugandan society is terrifying. I can't understand how someone could be driven to murder a child - whether their own or someone else's  for the promise of riches.

I would go so far as to blame the witch doctors for perpetuating the poverty cycle. If a whole community of people believe that success in life is down to luck and who the spirits favour, they are hardly  going to be motivated to work hard on strategy to improve their situation. Instead they wait around hoping the spirits will favour them and spending what little they have at the witch doctor to increase their chances.

It really is a difficult situation because you don't want to trample on people's customs and beliefs, but the only way forward is the realisation that you also have some control of your in destiny.

Meanwhile back in the van Israel seems to have taken a shine to Leckie. He tells him he has chosen a good woman (interesting choice of words but I am inclined to agree), that he should marry me and he wishes us twins. Well I couldn't think of much worse then suddenly having 2 babies to care for I'll take the compliment.

Sitting back in the volunteer house now reflecting on what a full on first day it has been. I'm so pleased to have Leckie here with me this time though a little worried I'll have no desire to leave now.

Tomorrow we visit the slums and I get to see Musa with his new wheelchair. I'm so excited!!

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